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Disease Pressure is High

Due to prolonged wet weather and continuing rain­fall, diseases of ornamental plants and turf are affect­ing many land­scapes.  Your clients may have concerns about these diseases.  Learn more about some of the common diseases found in Georgia's landscapes.  

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June Insect Management Calendar

Kris Braman and Will Hudson, UGA Entomology Department

The following are insect pests that you might expect to see during June in Georgia. Become familiar with them so you will be able to recognize them in the landscape.  We have included links to more information for many of these insect pests. Click on the insect names to find online resources that can help you to identify and manage these pests.


  For pesticide recommendations, see the Pest Control Handbook - http://



Aphids (Crape myrtle, etc.) – Treat with insecticide if necessary


Citrus whitefly (gardenia and others) – Treat with insecticide if necessary

Wax Scales (Japanese, Florida, or Indian wax scale) – Scout & treat with insecticide if necessary                                         
Twospotted spider mite – Treat with insecticide if necessary           


Bagworms – Treat with insecticide if necessary
Cottony maple scale – Treat with insecticide if necessary

Dogwood borer – Treat with insecticide if necessary

Insect galls on oaks and maple – Prune out galls if necessary


Fire Ants – Treat with insecticide
White Grubs – Begin treatments in late June or early July



Mary Carol Sheffield

Paulding County Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources­/paulding


Continuing Education Opportunities  for the Landscape and Pest Control Industry

Trial Gardens at UGA, Annual Industry Open House, Tue. June 15-Dr. Allan Armitage has extended an invitation to the industry to attend his open house on June 15, 2010.  Click here to RSVP to Nathan King at Ball Horticulture.  For more information on the Open House, see the UGA Trial Gardens website - http://



Gainesville City Park.  6 Hours Pesticide Credit in Categories 24 & 21 and 2 hours Pesticide Credit for Private Applicators.

To register, visit and download the registration form.  For more information, call the Hall County Extension office at 770-535-8293.


UGA Turfgrass Research Field Day in Griffin, August 4

Visit for information and registration as it becomes available.